Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A First...

As expected, we woke up to one very nervous little on Tuesday.
the FIRST day of pre-school.
I believe the first words out of her mouth after waking up for the day...
"I don't want mommy to drop me off at school today!"

Before 8:00 we had 3 major melt downs.
melt-down number one | breakfast choices
and melt-down number two | outfit choices
and last melt-down | the picture taking

She was so nervous and it broke my heart.  She was so scared to start school and be without her momma.   But at the same time, she wanted to go so bad.  She had been talking about this day for months.  Ever since we attended an open house this summer, she has been "saying" she's ready.  But on Tuesday, she was just nervous.  It was so hard to see this anxiety portrayed by my baby. I told myself to suck it up.  This was going to be so good for her in the long-run and she needed this. 

The drop-off had me the most worried.  Would she walk in, get distracted, and then I am supposed to just leave?  Would she scream at the top of her lungs?  Would she cry the whole time?  Would they call me and tell me to come get her?  {see where she gets IT?}

She walked in, looked around and was obviously intrigued.  Her teachers welcomed her with huge open arms.  I decided to make my exit, she caught me, and said, "Momma, where are you going" in the saddest little voice.  A quick hug and kiss and I was out the door

After picking her up, the teacher said she did great!  and I was relieved and I think she was too.  She has been telling me stories, singing me songs she learned, naming the kids in her class.  But, when I told her she gets to go back on Thursday, she started to tear up.  It may take some time for her, and that's ok.  Such a big step for such a little person. 


I actually did succeed at a few smiles...

Presley Jane
3 years old
my favorite color : PINK
I love:  Daddy
My best friend: Daddy
favorite TV show: Dora
When I grow up I want to be:  Cinderella
Love this daddy's girl...
and so proud!

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