Monday, August 1, 2011

lesson 9: photography on.the.go

another week passed... can I just say that I am loving PHOTOGRAPHY... I find that I am using my camera more, thinking in pictures, and the pictures are actually turning out ok...  today's lesson on.the.go is probably how the majority of us shoot... we like to take pictures of our surroundings, tell a story, preserve the memories...  here is the content for lesson 8 and the absolutely marvelous danielle of one of my fave blogs changing lanes is here to give us some tips... you must stop by her blog, and say hi!

meet. Danielle

My name is Danielle.  I am a wife, mama to three uniques and have a crush on all things old.
After the birth of my daughter, I left the world I knew behind and changed lanes.  I am sharing my new life.journey through MY BLOG.  There you will find love, faith and blessings.  Mixed with visual inspiration and always a vintage flare.   
My.littles are ages SIX, THREE and 21 MONTHS.  Two boys + one girl.  Their social schedules are busier than mine :: and we are always on the go.  I have found the best photography session ~ is no session.  Catch them in action.  Let them play.  Get down on their level.  Wherever we are | whatever they are doing - I zoom in, detract our surroundings and shoot THEM.  I love getting up close.  And really, photographing on.the.go provides a better overall picture of your life with your.littles. 
As for the end.product ~ edit, edit, edit.  I constantly have questions about what software I use for editing and how I achieve the vintage look to my photos.  I am a cross.processor.  Point.blank.  First off, your lighting is EVERYTHING.  I only work with natural light.  Each photo is it's own creation because the lighting source is always different.  I take this and run with it.  Every photo becomes my own art to manipulate.  I adjust every element of every photo I publish ~ by eye.  Meaning I play around until I achieve the look I want.  For a vintage feel I tend to cool the color and decrease the exposure.  I work with photoshop and picnik online.  Even will run high.end camera captures through a photo aps, by emailing them to my iphone and saving there.  I'm crazy neurotic and REALLY  don't have or need to spend the time doing this.  But it's my obsession.  Won't you join me.!

p.s.  here and here are two examples of beautiful.moments from last week on simple outings to the pool and park.  on.the.go moments that will last a life time.

I just LOVE her creative touch on her photos.. you can always pick her's out in a crowd.  her photo's of her everyday are so inspiring to me, and encourage me to take the everyday and make it lovely!  thanks danielle for helping us out today! xoxo

can you believe, only a few more weeks left in our lessons... is everyone feeling confident?  getting more creative?? getting used to that big, scary camera??

well I have hinted now for a few weeks that I have something big planned to celebrate our {surviving} 12 weeks together... it's a 2 part-er... 1> may involve a little giveaway and 2> involves a little linky party that will help us be inspired in our photos.. that's right, a thirty day photo challenge.. I hope you will join me!  details to come soon!!!  

keep taking lovely photo's friends!!



  1. great post! just love her photos!

  2. Amazing photos and nicely said! I'm now your newest follower - can't wait to keep on reading!



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