Thursday, August 4, 2011

just an ordinary day...

I work part-time by night, and full-time mommy, wife, friend, blogger and sewer by day {or around the clock, rather}.. with that being said, my days are usually jam packed with ordinary, repeated activities, that really nobody would find interesting...  recently, a friend, wrote a post that I thought sounded fun, so I decided to do something similar.. and then the lovely gussy, sent her weekly inspiration workshop email and the prompt... your everyday life! 

for the entire day, I wrote down everything we did!
here goes...

8:45 squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak.. presley wakes up.. she loves to jump in her crib, and that is usually my alarm clock through the baby monitor...  we decide to crawl back in bed and watch an episode of Dora... {what I was tired?}

9:05 presley, bored with dora, wants some milk, head to the kitchen for breakfast

9:08 as I am pouring the princess her organic, whole milk, the phone rings!  it's the mister... "good morning, what's up, you what?"  forgot to pay the water bill.. stink!

9:10 throwing on some suitable for public clothes for myself and deciding miss can stay in jammies as we head into town to pay the water bill {on a side note, my very teeny town of 400, yea they don't allow online bill pay for the water, which is how we pay every other bill.. needless to say it tends to be forgotten, oopsie, and they will turn it off at 10 AM and charge you a reconnect fee and litterally turn it back on about 2 minutes after you pay, not that it has ever happened to me, insert sarcasm}

9:12 presley screaming at me, "brush teets, brush teets."  I wish I could take credit for her obsession with brushing her teeth but I can't.  she loves the way the fake flouride free toothpaste tastes, and well, it's a dora toothbrush.  whatever it is, the girl loves brushing her teeth.

9:20 construction at the front of city hall, sign says "use back door."  back door?  I never even knew, now how to find the back door!  great!

9:25 find the make shift entrance, get pj out of the car and head on in to pay the bill.  dang, presley is in christmas jammies and it's all ready 97 degrees out and what month is this, august now.. oh well!  I probably shoud have brushed her hair, it' standing up.  mom of the year here! 

9:43 back home to resume breakfast. 

9:48  texts exchanged with the mister... did you get it paid? yes, dear!   talked with the mortgage broker today.... and what did she say... which reminds me, my house is a mess and yes, folks there is a for sale sign in the yard.. time to tidy up

10:00 pick up toys, do the dishes, clean toilets, sinks, showers, vaccuum, windex, dust, and mop the entire first floor with the assistance of my little helper.. what is today? monday... I have to work tonight, better wash my uniform. 

11:00 and I'm spent, flip on the TV {young and the restless time}, only presley is telling me "no, no mommy"  "need, mote" apparently she is not into the young and the restless, so we turn it to nick jr.  {fresh beat band}  hey, I like this song. don't judge me  so we decide to have a dance party... what can I say, the girl's got moves!

11:09 she hears an airplane I didn't even know she knew what an airplane was!  we run to the window to watch the airplane...

11:15 all that dancing made us hungry.. lunch time! presley picks out her Dora spaghettio's for lunch.. and is requesting a bitamen!  here have a vitamin...

12:00 with the house being on the market, I had to transform the, toys 'r us bomb that went off in my house, meaning all of the big toys are put up in the closet.  Presley picks to play with her kitchen.. we baked cookies, did some dishes, and some laundry.. I was forced to try a bite of a wooden cookie {like literally shoved in my mouth} and had some fake air coffee, yummy baby...

12:30 presley now playing with her dolls, I decide to package up a few pink jellybean orders ready to ship.

1:00 miss is sleepy, says mommy, night night? she loves naptime {and so do I.}  depending on the day {meaning if I work that night or not} depends on my naptime activities.  yep, it's still monday. I put miss down and decide to hop in bed and try to take a nap as well.

1:15 presley's out, me-no luck, thinking about my fall line, decorating the house I haven't bought yet, go to sleep!

1:30 tossing and turning,

2:00 forget it, I can't sleep!  pull out my laptop and catch up on my fave blogs, emails, etsy, and watch the y and r episode I missed earlier today... I am going to regret this at 4 am...

3:00 baby is still sleeping, I decide to catch a quick shower alone before she wakes up...

3:04 never fails! she wakes up, squeak, squeak, through the baby monitor.. a quick shower and I'm out. shoot, scrubs are still wet. into the dryer!

3:30 a quick trip to the post office to mail some orders... the temp in my car says 110 degrees... is summer over yet?

4:00 getting ready for work with help from my little stylist... she too is getting ready for what I am not sure?

4:20 daddy's home..  cleam jammies in the basket upstairs, there is dinner in the fridge, my mom will be here at 8 am, see you tomorrow night... kiss, hug for the mister, kiss, hug for the baby...

4:35 what's that smell.. ohh pj has a surprise in her diaper for you daddy.. this mommy is off duty!

4:40 out the door.. every 6th week of my work schedule I meet my purple peeps for dinner before work. {purple peeps are my nurse friends, dubbed because we are required to wear purple scrubs}

5:00 dinner at the ole' shoppe {that's our usual meet up, pizza shoppe}

6:00 head to the hospital

6:45 put on my nurse hat and take care of a few new momies and babies tonight... need to make some coffee...

9:00 call to check on my baby did you give her her lovee? yes dear! did you read her bible? yes, dear! did she eat dinner, yes dear! and tell my hubby good night!

pretty ordinary... and I wouldn't have it any other way..

what'a an ordinary day for you like?

linking up with gussy's inspiration workshop..



  1. Wow! Your days are jammed packed!

    I can't believe your can't pay your water bill online... I don't think ours would ever get payed if I couldn't do it from home.

  2. love it! what a fantastic post. and no, your day does not sound ordinary in the least :)

  3. So glad you stopped by my blog! Your daughter is SOOOOOOO cute and I love her name. The pictures above are priceless.
    Glad to be following you on here now!


  4. How sweet! Presley is precious! Sounds like y'all had an adventurous day. :)

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