Monday, August 8, 2011

lesson 10 : landscapes

I find that I have a hard time shooting landscapes... I tend to focus more on people, kids, details, but not the big picture...  today's lesson is all about shooting the loveliness that surrounds us in nature.. after reading today's content and seeing the beautiful images they provided as examples, I am so much more inspired to keep a look out for these lovely photo ops...

let me introduce to you an amazing landscape photographer.. and one that is near to my heart. my cousin Jason.  I had no idea the magnitude of his talent until recently viewing his work.  I am amazed, inspired, and proud to say the least. 



make sure and check out his website here

and a few of mine for this week's challenge, after seeing Jason's work, I have A LOT to learn!

Have a lovely Monday friends!


  1. Love your last pic of the tree landscape- great job!




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