Thursday, August 4, 2011

the headband challenge...

 "I select my outfit and then add one of my extra cute headbands for garnish...then...just as I am about to walk out the door, I feel uncomfortable and take it off." ~little miss momma

so true!

I do the exact same thing... so I took the challenge little miss momma's headband challenge. and so did presley jane...

trying it out {hippie style}.. how'd we do?

ruffles in her hair and flowers in mine...

switching it up this time, ruffles for me and flowers for little miss!

I was feeling silly that day...

let me just say, I had a ton of fun wearing my headbands, and you know what.. I got a TON of compliments... yay to headband love!
and can I toot my own horn for one second...
yep, I made all of these lovely headbands!
It's what I do, make headbands, adore them and then never wear them!

but thanks to little miss momma for this challenge..
I am actually going to wear them from now on!

and on my headband wish list...

be brave!  put on your headband too!



  1. So adorable!!! you both are so darling :)

  2. your headbands are so cute. i love ashley's blog. she is an inspiration. i make's a therapeutic hobby!

  3. Yay!!! I've been admiring your shop ever since seeing your items on Casey Weigand! Thanks for leaving such a kind not on my blog this morning. Glad we could do LMM's headband party together! :) Your headbands are amazing and after seeing both you and Ashley rock the "hippie style" of headband, I simply must try it too. ~Bri @ Mod Memento~

  4. So cute, glad I'm not the only one who threw my kid in there! Hahaha

  5. Oh my goodness so cute! You guys are adorable and those headbands are super cute as well:) I love your blog, newest follower! Happy Friday, woop!
    Ashley@Eisy Morgan

  6. cute!!!! the hippie style looked cute too!!


  7. Those headbands are super cute..I cant wait for my young one to wear my handmade headbands. I love your pictures as did you get them to have that oldies effect.
    I am actually having a super cute hair accessory giveaway now at my blog. make sure to enter for your chance to win.

  8. What a precious duo! I think you girls ROCK the headband look out! I love your photos, they have that sweet country feel. Very pretty.

  9. I think the hippie style looks great on you! I totally wasn't brave enough to try it, so major props to you! You and your little miss are beautiful!

  10. LOVE this!! And LOVE your blog!! Following from LMM!!



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