Wednesday, March 6, 2013

That's right, I crush on blogs...

When Erin from Living In Yellow put together this linky for those blogs that you most crush on, I knew I wanted to be involved.  It is so funny to me, that I assume, that what I am reading in blog-land, EVERYONE else is also reading!  Silly me! 

One of my closest friends is an avid blog reader and we can sit down and literally have conversations about our favorite blogs and bloggers and nearby listeners are like, "are you talking about a soap opera?"  Always makes me giggle, because, blog reading has become such a part of my life and sometimes I do feel invested and involved much like a TV series! 

With that being said, there are actually blogs that no matter what they day may bring, I always check them out!  My favorites!  Those that I am crushing on!  And I am excited to be sharing it with you! ummm. like right now!

here goes...  My top 3, which is a really hard thing to narrow to 3!

Raechel Myers | Finding my feet
Raechel Myers is the real deal, and the first blogger I ever formed any sort of relationship with.  When I contacted Raechel for advertising, I had no idea the community that could take place with this journey in which I was about to embark.  But Raechel, made me feel like one of the girls, and took a chance on me and gave me the confidence that I needed!  Not to mention, that her writing is flawless and her mothering skills are admirable, she has an amazingly strong and ground sense of faith and she is beyond creative and her blog reflects all of this and more.

Danielle is my love!  The girl never disappoints.  She is an amazing mother, wife, designer, fashionista, traveler, decorator, writer, speaker!  And more than anything, she is down to earth! I look to her for so much.  Danielle can take any sitution and make it into the most relatable and respectable blog post.  I have enjoyed getting to know her especially through working with her and her designs.  She is my go-to when I need anything in the bloggie world, and the girl nails it everytime.  She is awesome and I have a crush on her!

Erin | Living In Yellow
Well, who doesn't have a crush on this gal?  I mean she is funny, and sarcastic, and drinks wine on a regular basis!  In real life, not that bloggie world is not real life because it is, but if we lived in the same or nearby towns, I know we would be like the best company.  I mean we both like to have fun and drink!  What's not to love!  I enjoy and admire Erin's honesty.  She calls it like it is and if you don't like it, she's ok with that!  Although everyone does because she is so much fun and says all the things you are thinking but never ever thought to say!  And with that, she gave me the courage to truly be ME on my blog!  And for that, I am grateful to her.  Typically I find myself laughing out loud or craving some macaroni after reading her posts! For reals!
Of course I have like a hundred more bloggers that are daily reads and are so influential to me.
I mean just to name a few....
and the list continues to grow daily!!!
Thats right y'all!  This post just goes to prove that I spend entirely too much time reading blogs!  But, I enjoy it and so love each of the stories behind them. 
So here's my list...
Who's on yours?



  1. I am new reader of Oh Sweet Joy and I love her. I always love find new blogs!

  2. wow! The only one I read off your list is Raechel. I'll have to check the other's out!

    This is one of my favorites for fashion:

  3. Great post, I will have to check out a few of these other blogs!

  4. Thanks for sharing this, Elizabeth!! I love Oh Sweet Joy!!! Btw, I love Lawrence, KS!!!

  5. Wow! What an honor to be included with these ladies! And to get to be your friend, Elizabeth! You are too good to me!



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