Monday, March 11, 2013

baby bellies

One of the many hats I wear, yet rarely talk about here, is my job as a nurse.  A job that consumes my life at least 2 nights a week, and a job that I love {most of the time!}  As a labor and delivery nurse for the last several years, I often find myself many people's go to person with their pregnancy and baby related questions.  One of my besties' is pregnant with her first kiddo and we often discuss things baby related but most commonly, how in the world she is going to get him out.

Many people choose to use childbirth education classes to help broaden their knowledge of this topic or have other people present to bounce ideas off of.  Some people though, prefer to read books, do their own research, learn at their own pace.  And even still, some choose that ignorance is bliss and choose not to educate at all. There truly is not one right way and not every way works for every person.  I have talked with several people about their fears related to pregnancy and childbirth, or people that have gone through this, yet were surprised or didn't expect certain things, or those people that say, "I wish I would have known this, or that when having my baby."

Defining your learning style would be the best place to start.  If you are anything like me, I like to talk to people who have been through similar experiences.  I like to read at my own pace and write down questions as I go and talk to other mothers, nurses, my doctor.

With that being said, I am going to start dishing all of the baby related information in my head to you right here on the bloggie.  For you to use as a learning tool, a place to discuss, ask questions, and most of all a reference. 

I would love to hear your any related topics you would like to read or learn about, questions you have, concerns, fears, myths..   If there is something you would like to see included, feel free to comment below or private message me!  Or join in the discussion on the influence network, my go-to place! 

I am really excited to begin this series and share this information for such an important time in ones life.  An experience that will be remembered forever.  And I am hoping to help you have that experience that you desire based on the things you need to know!  Join me in this discussion!



  1. Ooh! I love this idea! Ever since I got married I've been obsessed with learning about pregnancy. I've watched The Business of Being Born, Babies, etc and love reading birth stories. So excited to learn from you :)

  2. Ohhhhhh Elizabeth, how I wish you were around when I gave birth to my daugther!!! I had the most exhausting labor experience. IT was a total "had I of known" situation. Such a great idea. And LOVE to here about what people do for their jobs. I think it gives a 3-D approach. I recently told people on my blog that I am a Teacher of Visually Impaired and Educational Technology Specialist. Thank you for sharing that side of you and look forward to this series wholeheartedly.

  3. As I was reading this I just kept saying: "yes, love it"! I'm so excited for this new series- I just found out we are expecting our second ( still so so early) but I know I will just devour this info! Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge! :)



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