Friday, March 8, 2013

because your puppy needs a blankie + tutorial

It's always hard to refer to your dog as a puppy when she is 42 pounds and as tall as my couch, but she is just that.  A puppy. 

I love to browse the little pet boutiques.  You know the ones that sell dog beds for $200, dog collars for $98, coats, clothes, and my favorite. a doggie blankie for $90.  Granted, that's for the biggest blankie because my puppy is a biggen.  A double sided, padded, pink minky blanket that lays in the bottom of the kennel.  Of course, I wanted my pupp to have one of these designer blankets but not at that price.  And if you know me, then you know the words, "I can make this for $10," came out of my mouth.

And $10 I did.  And for reals, you can too!  This is the easiest project for even the most basic sewers!

You'll need:
Some cuddly fabric.  I went to Joann with pink minky in mind, but right next to it was the softest, plushest, loveliest shade of pink fabric for $2.00 less a yard and I went with it.  And used a 50% off coupon at that.
quilt batting
{I had both of these on hand}

First, measure your kennel.  Mine is 34 x 21 and cut out your fabric.  You'll need 2 of your cuddly fabric, and 1 of quilt batting.

Next, sew right sides together with the quilt batting on top of one of the layers as shown below.  I used quilt batting because I really wanted this blanket to be plush.  Leave enough room in the center of one of the long sides to be able to turn the blanket inside out.  This, my friends, is by far the hardest part of this tutey.. because the fabric is thick!  You'll have to pull it through the machine a little more than usual...

Go ahead and cut those corners somewhat close to your stitching... It will just help your corners look nicer once you turn this lovely right side out!

Ok, turn that puppy right side out and admire your work thus far!  Yes, this project resembles that of a pillow minus the stuffing!!

Turn the edges of your open-ness under and pin!


Sew the hole shut.  You can do these one of two ways.  Either with an invisible hand stitch or the lazy way with your sewing machine using the same color of thread.  I chose the lazy way because I was pressed for time, and I will say, you can not tell at all that I sewed it shut on the outside without the invisible stitch since the fabric is so thick and plush!

Let your lil' pup {or in my case, huge pup} give it a try!  Shandy was impressed that her momma bought her a boutique bed for her kennel.  {I didn't have the heart to tell her that I made it, and for less than $10 at that.} 

And there you have it.  Easy, functional, and even a bit boutique.  And best part, not $90.


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