Monday, March 4, 2013


When it comes to discipline, I'll admit, I am not the best at it.
I am definitely lacking structure in this department.
I mean, I read all about having a newborn, how to breastfeed, signs and symptoms to watch for with an illness, but as far as having a preschooler and the terrible 2's and the even worse 3's, I must have skipped the chapter or else the book ran out.

I would describe my parenting style as somewhat laid back.  I like to let my daughter make choices and have consequences within reason, but my plan, or lack there of, could possibly be coming back to haunt me. 

I wish I could tell you that I have the patience of a Saint, and never raised my voice.  And that when I tell my daughter to get in time out that she skipped on over to the corner and stayed there without a fight.  I'd love to tell you that my daughter never talked back to her momma or hit the dog or colored on my wall.  That she listened well and followed directions and never ever had a temper tantrum.

I can't tell you that, and I don't know to many parents that can.  But what I can tell you, is that I need a plan and fast!

It all started on Friday when I got the mail.  Seriously, getting the mail these days is quite the task with 2 foot of snow on the ground and frigid temps, but I manged.  In it, an American Girl catalog.  I think we have received said catalog once or twice, although I am not sure why because I have never purchased a single thing.  Presley snatched that catalog from my hands faster than you could imagine, sat down on the floor, and started turning the pages.  With each page she proclaimed how much she loved that doll, had to have that outfit, or bed, or dog, or any accessory that could possibly come with one of these dolls.  I explained to her that these dolls were definitely not in mommy's price range and that she could look, but would NOT be getting one.  She explained to me that she had plenty of money in her piggy bank and wanted to buy one herself.  I escorted her to her room and dumped her bank and counted the change.  $20.00!  I explained that she needed much more money, not that I expected her to understand, and figured we would drop the subject right there.  The girl literally shuffled through this magazine for an hour, and has since shown everyone that has come to our house her favorites, which changes with each glance. 

And this my friends, prompted my plan.  Now I wouldn't call it bribery, more or less a Reward system based on good behavior.  I sat down with Presley, and together we looked through the magazine.  She pointed out her choice and I mentioned to her that I had an idea of how she may be able to get her doll.  Her eyes lit up.  I have never seen her want something so bad.  Together, we picked out some age specific chores that she could make an allowance doing.  I printed this chore chart and bought some stickers.  {on a side note, this printable is seriously the bomb dot com.  free and cute and personalizable!!}  The other half of the reward system, another chart, to encourage her to sleep in her big girl bed, which is still a struggle every.single.night.  We agreed that I would pay half of this doll if she slept in her bed 20 times, and she could earn money for the other half with her allowance from her chores.

Chores like brush your teeth, listen well, follow directions, help mommy, feed the dogs.  I am hoping this reward system will deter some of the bad behaviors we have been experiencing lately.  I made her a bulletin board for her room with her sticker charts and a picture of "Saige," her favorite American Girl doll {today}!  

So far, she is really into it and put her clothes in her "hamster" today.  Love this girl.  She has my heart and I am excited for her to participate in some positive behaviors and hopefully acheive her goal.

Wish me luck y'all!!


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  1. What a GREAT idea! I need to so something like that for homework. We allllll hate homework in this house. Mommas, too. Nasty beast, it is!



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